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omigurrrd we got funded!

MAY 30, 2022


IT'S OFFICIAL: The New Zealand Film Commission and New Zealand On Air just awarded Tavake / Four Knights Film a *big bag of money* (I believe that's the correct cinematic expression) for MADAME MOM, pitched as:


"An all-American Mom finds herself divorced, unemployed and pregnant in small-town New Zealand and starts an ethical brothel to survive."


(My partner Patrice, who is French, was confused: "What is this 'all-American?' What does this mean? We do not say 'all French.' You are weird." Which, he's not wrong.)

Anyway, from what I understand about TV so far, getting funded is a VERY BIG DEAL. (Yes that's also an official cinematic expression, contact me for more insider entertainment knowledge!)

You can read the full story here and here.


MADAME MOM gets optioned for television!

MARCH 30, 2022


Yep, you heard that right. The story of The Bach, my feminist escort agency in Whangarei, and what a wild ride I lived for those three years, has been optioned for TV and film by XYZ Films in the US and Tavake (DBA Four Knights Film) in New Zealand. It’s still early days yet, but if all goes well, you will soon see someone younger, prettier, and skinnier than me playing Antonia on TV!


In all seriousness, my head’s about to explode with excitement about this project. The pilot script, by Harry McNaughton and Shoshana McCallum, is dark, true, and HILARIOUS. And the production team at Four Knights, led by Tom Hern and Crystal Vaega, well they just GET IT. Not only do they understand all the really important details about New Zealand culture (it’s their home turf, after all!)—but they’re consulting with former ladies of The Bach on content. This means that this show may well be the first one on television to take into account sex workers’ ACTUAL VOICES—rather than parading a bunch of clichés and male fantasies, as so many of them do.


(And in case you were once a client of The Bach, and you’re currently breaking out in a cold sweat, DON'T WORRY: it’s fictionalised.)


You can read the full announcement on Deadline Hollywood.

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