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pssst...looking for an editor ?


I first realized I might have a knack for editing when a client emailed me: “You're very good at your job. You picked up things that I had struggled with. Are you sure you're not psychic?”


And the answer is: YES!, not really. I've just had a lot of great editors beat me into submission.


Ten years after securing my first New York City literary agent, I’ve been edited by some of the best in the business—Elizabeth Evans, Brooke Carey, Alexis Gargagliano, Jim Thomas, and Rachel Holtzman—and they’ve taught me a lot. How to structure a narrative so it compels the reader to helplessly turn the pages. How to build an unforgettable character. How to craft a mystery so it keeps your audience guessing until the end.


Plus, editing is TONS of fun! There’s just something about getting into another author’s head and “clicking” with their unique voice that always gives me a thrill. Whether it’s memoir, narrative nonfiction, or fiction (both adult and YA), I’d love to dig into your manuscript and make it shine.


For a limited time, I’m offering freelance editing services at competitive rates. I offer both developmental editing and thorough line edits for your manuscript, and I am also available to help with your nonfiction proposal or agent queries.


SO...looking for an editor? Get in touch and tell me a little bit about your project, and please include  a word count. I’ll get back to you right away!


Here are some kind things that previous editing clients have said about my work:

Antonia Murphy is BY A MILE the best. You should use her. There is no question on the matter. I graduated at the top of my class from Harvard, and I'm super picky. Every comment that Ms. Murphy has provided (and there are many on every page) is well thought out and insightful. She is a WAY, WAY better writer than me. Did I mention you should hire Ms. Murphy? Do it now already, before you has no more time for you!

-Matt H.


Timberly Williams

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