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DIRTY CHICK is a funny memoir about my disastrous attempts to run an artisan farm in New Zealand. I also narrated the award-winning audio production for Audible. 

Publisher: Penguin Random House (USA/Can) and Text Publishing (AU/NZ), 2015

Here are some nice things people said about Dirty Chick:

Antonia Murphy is a writer of great charm and appeal. She's kind of impossible to resist.”
ELIZABETH GILBERT, New York Times bestselling author of The Signature of All Things and Eat, Pray, Love

“Murphy's book presents an unsentimental, at times unapologetically graphic, treatment of farm life. At the same time, it offers a comic yet thoroughly wise perspective on what it means to start over in a new country and live close to a natural world that is anything but romantic. Warm, funny and touching.”

“With a style that hits high on the laugh meter on every page, and a view of farm life that makes you almost wish you could join her just to test her hyperboles, Murphy’s book begs comparison with The Egg and I by Betty MacDonald, another reluctant female farmer/author who garnered wide success with her bucolic yarns a generation ago.”

“Dirty Chick perfectly captures the chaotic balance of hilarity, hardship, triumph, tragedy, romance, pornography and general grossness that makes up farm life. In this crowded world of hipster farmers, Antonia Murphy proves herself to be the real thing.”
JOSH KILMER PURCELL, bestselling author of I Am Not Myself These Days and The Bucolic Plague, star of The Fabulous Beekman Boys

Dirty Chick has it ALL. And by all I mean homemade booze, arson, a heavy hand of insanity and a magic place called Love Mountain. It's the dirtiest, most delightful book I've ever read. I fucking loved it, laughed my ass off and got so grossed out I couldn't wait to go back and visit Antonia and her very brave family on her raucous New Zealand farm. Dirty Chick will love you long time. “
LAURIE NOTARO, New York Times best-selling author of The Idiot Girls Action Adventure Club and The Potty Mouth at the Table

“Just when I thought motherhood was the toughest challenge there is, along comes Antonia Murphy, doing the Mommy thing with goats, cows and freaking alpacas. Her hilarious exploits with chickens, lambs and a single amorous rooster make me grateful there's no goat colostrum in my sippy cup. Trigger warning: DIRTY CHICK might make you laugh out loud. Proceed with care.”
STEFANIE WILDER-TAYLOR, bestselling author of Sippy Cups Are Not for Chardonnay and Gummi Bears Should Not Be Organic


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